Tips for the maintenance of safety padlocks.

1. Our safety padlocks are used outdoors. Outdoor safety padlocks will definitely encounter rainy weather. Although we cannot prevent this phenomenon from happening, we must know that safety padlocks cannot withstand long-term exposure to rain. In the middle, because the rainwater contains a certain amount of nitric acid or nitrate, they will corrode the lock for a long time. Therefore, if it is not necessary, we'd better not expose the lock on rainy days.

2. We often use safety padlocks, so we should pay more attention to the usual cleaning. The most important cleaning part is the lock cylinder. We must ensure that the lock cylinder does not enter anything, otherwise it will be difficult to open the safety padlock. Not only can it not play the role of our lock itself, but it will also add a lot of trouble to us.

3. After a long time of use, the safety padlock will also be affected by time, and an oxide layer will appear in the lock cylinder. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of the safety padlock, we must regularly inject lubricating oil, graphite powder or Pencil powder and so on.