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Foshan Nanhai Shishan Hongguang Lock Factory is formerly known as Guangzhou Hongguang Lock Factory, which was founded in 1959 by the locksmith Hu Yaohua in Guangzhou, China.
Over half a century of development and ordeal, Hongguang Lock Factory has developed into a workshop area of 50000 square meters from a small family type plant. Now, We are high quality padlock supplier whose annual production capacity of padlock is about 5000000 pcs and 3000000pcs cylindrical lock.
Now, Hongguang Lock Factory integrates various advantage resources to make HG.LOCK brand padlock which ‘s originate from USA top security conception. The security function and quality of HG.LOCK excels USA padlock. HG.LOCK padlock not only anti cutting, anti sawing, anti drilling, anti prying and it is very strong beautiful appearance and very low price. It is inevitable choice of all savvy users.

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OEM & ODM 59 years production experience

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