HG.LOCK offers many different types of gun locks, including heavy-duty combination gun lock, heavy-duty gun lock with key, color lockable cable gun lock with keys, universal trigger lock sets, and so on. All of our versatile gun locks can be used to safely secure your unloaded firearms, including shotguns, pistols and rifles, creating and maintaining a safer environment for your home, children, youth and authorized users.

The universal trigger lock sets provide a hassle-free unlocking way. There's no need to worry when you find yourself at the shooting range, and you've left your lock key at home. These combination gun locks provide you with security while providing easy access without key management. And adjustable locking width with trustworthy precision fit coverage, covering a wider finger trigger area to ensure that no part of the trigger can be touched.

In addition, the heavy-duty red cable is highly visible and has a scratch-resistant coating to prevent damage to your gun. And lockable cable with keys is easy to use, offering fast accessibility and high reliability. If you want to get more information about selecting gun locks, please feel free to contact us!