The development history of padlocks and other locks

The locks in ancient China have a long history, a wide variety of varieties, and different shapes. In addition, there has been little research on locks and no classification, so there is no unified classification method so far.

In the development process of locks, there are many varieties and various names, which can be divided and discussed from the aspects of material, shape, practical value, and meaning. In terms of materials alone, the types of locks are roughly classified into metal locks and composite material locks. In terms of shape, there are roughly round locks, text locks, password locks, pillow locks, character animal locks, and hidden door locks.

It can be seen that the Chinese lock culture is extensive and profound, and the cultural connotation and symbolic meaning with our Chinese characteristics contained in it have been condensed after thousands of years of continuous cultural development and evolution. After sorting and researching, the following is based on the "Four King Kongs" commonly referred to by ancient Chinese people, namely, the classification of Guang lock, Citi lock, jewelry lock, and torture lock, plus the code lock, to introduce the more commonly used humans in social life. Locks, in order to further study the development and evolution of unlocking devices.

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