Safety padlock purchase quality standards and precautions.

First, the purchase of safety padlocks.

1. Look at the surface treatment status.

Safety padlocks are generally plated, sprayed or colored before they leave the factory. These steps are beneficial to the lock itself, because after this series of treatments, a protective film will be formed on the surface of the lock, which can prevent corrosion and oxidation. The role of. Through this, the user can directly measure the quality of the lock.

2. Weigh the weight to the hand feel.

Safety padlocks that cut corners are generally made of hollow inferior materials, which are not only light, but also have a poor hand feel when used.

3. Look at the safety standards.

There are very strict standards for hardware locks at home and abroad. Some manufacturers do not follow the standards in order to save costs, and regular manufacturers will comply with the standards.

Second, maintain safety padlocks.

1. First of all, understand the characteristics of safety padlocks. Remember that the locks should not be exposed to sunlight and rain for a long time, especially some rainwater in a more acidic environment, which may corrode the locks. If it is serious, it will make the lock unlocking process difficult.

2. Protect the safety padlocks in daily use and clean them at any time. Of course, do not arbitrarily pour debris into the locks during cleaning or use. Of course, if you already have them, you can use leaded powder and lubrication. Oil etc. drip into the cast to open the lock.

3. Regarding the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, in fact, thermal expansion and contraction will also cause difficulty in opening the lock. The correct way to deal with it is to take protective measures for the lock in advance when the weather changes, and you can make a plastic lock for the lock. The shell protects it.

Security locks are now most people choose anti-theft locks, it is mainly to protect people's property from damage. All in all, safety padlocks are produced to protect safety, so any of us must learn how to use safety padlocks and choose the correct one to protect their health and safety.