Judge the level of anti-theft lock according to the texture of the key

Many residents do not know what security level the anti-theft locks used in their homes belong to, or how to judge them. Experts said that the security level of mechanical anti-theft door locks can be identified by the key. By understanding the marble groove and milling groove on the key, the security level of the lock cylinder can be judged.

There are generally two types of textures on keys, one is point-shaped and the other is zigzag strip-shaped. The former is called a marble groove, and the latter is a milling groove. By distinguishing these lines, the security level of the lock can be inferred.

Anti-theft lock: There is only a marble slot on the key, and the corresponding keys are the most common one-word keys and cross keys. Although the texture of these two keys looks like a strip, the corresponding lock cylinder is actually a marble structure. The difference between the lock cylinder of this structure is limited to the change of the marble, and the marble grooves are few and shallow. It is easy to open.

Class B anti-theft lock: The key has both marble grooves and milling grooves, generally flat keys, double-sided and double-row. The keys mainly include single-row anti-removal keys, single-row crescent keys, and double-sided blade keys.

Super Class B: The key has marble grooves and milling grooves on both sides, and there is also a row of marble grooves on the side. The key shape is a single-sided blade internal milling groove or external milling groove.