Introducing anti-theft lock

Introducing anti-theft lock
1 The purpose of anti-theft lock

The anti-theft lock, as the name suggests, is used to prevent theft. What is anti-theft, in simple terms, is to prevent illegal opening. The illegal opening methods include violent opening and technical opening.

2 Structural analysis of anti-theft lock

The anti-theft lock is the most important component for the anti-theft door. Its performance is directly related to the safety of the door. The product must be certified by a designated authority and should have anti-drilling, anti-saw, anti-pry and anti-impact The locks on the anti-theft door are divided into single-point locks and multi-point locks.

A complete set of anti-theft lock should include the lock core, panel handle and lock body. The main function of the lock cylinder is to transfer the torsion force from the head to drive the other parts of the lock to unlock and lock. Padlocks, drawer locks, door locks, and bicycle locks have different core head structures and different ways of transmitting torque, but the effect is the same. The function of the panel handle is to realize the opening and closing of the door through push-pull rotation, and it undertakes the appearance decoration function of the anti-theft door. The lock body is responsible for the basic anti-theft work of the anti-theft door. The lock cylinder controls the operation of the lock body. The lock body is responsible for opening and locking doors and windows, and also plays an important role in anti-theft.

The lock core is the core of a set of anti-theft locks. If the lock core is not anti-theft, the anti-theft lock cannot be called an anti-theft lock at all. The role of the anti-theft lock cylinder is the most important. Many people only realize that the anti-theft door lock that comes with the decoration does not have the anti-theft function, thinking that it would be good to replace it entirely. In fact, many unscrupulous merchants use low-level locks as high-level locks for profit to get the maximum profit. . EVVA lock cylinder adopts cemented carbide anti-drilling structure, 90-minute fire test, high-precision internal structure, anti-opening technology, unique Modular design, can adjust the length and the center position of the lock cylinder in units of 5mm, which is almost suitable for domestic All doors. The EVVA lock cylinder is protected by global patents.