How much do you know about the common types of padlocks?

There may not be many people using padlocks today, but they were everywhere in the past. In the past, you might often see them in drawers, cabinets, boxes, etc., but with the advent of code locks, padlocks have slowly withdrawn. But you must have a certain understanding of padlocks. The following briefly analyzes the types of padlocks.

1. Padlock with blade structure.

This type of padlock uses sheet metal of various shapes to act as an obstacle for the purpose of locking. Zinc alloy or its character alloy locks have this type of structure.


2. Magnetic structure padlock.

Some padlocks are based on the principle of magnetism. Therefore, its lock core is a magnetic lock core, which can have a better metal spacer between the lock core and the safety pin. If the slotless magnetic key is smoothly inserted into the lock core slot and rotated, the key will touch the metal piece, which will bounce the metal piece, and then open the padlock according to the principle of magnetism.

3. Marble structure padlock.

This type of padlock is a lock cylinder that passes through a circular column, and then there will be an obstacle like a bullet in the body, which will make the lock cylinder inoperable. Then, after blocking the bullet structure and the lock core by the principle of the metal sheet, the bullet structure is opened by the key, so that the ability to unlock the lock can be achieved.