How much do you know about padlocks

Classification and introduction of padlocks: Due to the structural characteristics of padlocks, padlocks are convenient and flexible to use and have a wide range of uses. It can replace other locks, and other locks cannot replace padlocks. It is an ideal preventive lock, but the padlock must be buckled with the convex hole of the object to be closed to play the locking function. The internal and external functions can be closed and opened, so it cannot be used in some occasions. For example, in some occasions with high decorative requirements or matching locks, padlocks are generally not suitable. 

The classification method of padlocks There are many varieties and specifications of padlocks. Generally, the size of the lock is determined by the width of the lock body, and the purpose of the lock is determined by the height of the lock beam. The lock is determined by the opening method of the padlock, such as straight opening, horizontal opening, top opening, and double opening. Series. Our commonly used padlocks generally adopt two opening methods: straight opening and horizontal opening. 

That is, when the key is inserted into the key slot of the lock core, the lock that can be pulled up without turning it is called "top unlocking". This type of padlock is especially suitable for openers who hold babies or carry objects that are not suitable for putting down. The so-called "double-open padlock" refers to a lock that requires two keys to work when it is opened. Its confidentiality is strong, and it is suitable for situations where two people are required to keep it and two people are present to open the lock at the same time.