Four main factors affecting the price of interior door lock

Four main factors affecting the price of interior door lock:

1. Material
   There are four main materials for indoor door locks circulating on the market, namely zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and pure copper. In terms of price alone, pure copper is larger than zinc alloy and larger than stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Pure copper itself is a precious metal. Excellent metal properties and service life are favored by the public. The retail price is about 400 yuan/handle; the zinc alloy material is suitable for electroplating and can be made into rich styles and shapes, heavy weight and comfortable to the touch. The retail price is 200-300/handle ;Stainless steel door locks are often used in projects or bathrooms. They will not rust. Its main characteristics are high hardness and long life. The retail price is 100-200/handle; compared to the other three door locks, aluminum alloy doors The lock price is more favorable, and the retail price is around 100/handle.

2. Production process
   The manufacturing process mentioned here mainly refers to the treatment process of the handle surface, and there are four common ones: electroplating, oxidation, spraying, and spraying. For aluminum alloy door locks, the same style, the handle surface is treated with these four processes, the price will have a certain difference, it is difficult to distinguish the simple appearance, and there will be significant differences in the feel and service life.

3. Brand value
   For any product, the product itself has a certain brand value, which is why everyone chooses the "Top Ten Brands". Having a brand often means better after-sales, and its price will naturally be a lot more expensive.

4. Quantity purchased
   Indoor door locks are products with a low price and huge market demand. The customer groups are mainly divided into two categories. One is for home decoration and the quantity is small, which belongs to retail; the other is for engineering and door enterprises. One type, one needs a large number of indoor door locks, thousands or tens of thousands at a time, and the other type for long-term use, which belongs to long-term cooperation. For these two types of customers, the price of indoor door locks purchased by them will be very different, one is the retail price, and the other is the wholesale price.