Do you really understand the zinc alloy padlock that you use every day?

Padlocks are the locks of our traditional era, with the gradual development of technology now. Many people no longer use padlocks as locks, such as electronic locks, password locks, tool locks and so on that are now developed. These locks are already the first choice of modern people. So where can zinc alloy padlocks be used now?

Locks are an indispensable tool in our daily lives, which can not only ensure the safety of our property, but also ensure our privacy. So it occupies an indispensable position in our lives. As a padlock is the most common type of lock, what kind of models does it have, and which padlock is safer?

How to open a zinc alloy padlock

We know that the method of opening a zinc alloy padlock is relatively simple, and it can be opened only by a key. But because the key of the padlock is relatively small, if we lose the key, how should we open the lock. The following are the specific steps and methods.

1. There is a certain gap between the U-shaped ring of the padlock and the lock body;

2. Then prepare a small piece of iron, thick enough to fit into the gap between the U-shaped ring and the lock body, and the length depends on the size of the lock. Tie the iron piece into a ring to fit the U-shaped ring;

3. Find the movable part on the U-shaped ring, which is generally the looser side;

4. Put the iron piece into the inside of the movable side of the U-shaped ring, and then press the iron piece down hard. After pressing the small iron sheet hard into the gap, the lock can be opened.

What are the models of alloy padlocks

1. Padlock with blade structure

This type of lock uses sheet metal of different shapes to act as an obstacle for the purpose of locking. Such a structure is often used in zinc alloy or alloy locks.

2. Magnetic structure padlock

Some padlocks use the principle of magnetism. So its lock core is a magnetic lock core. In this way, there can be a better metal spacer between the lock core and the safety pin. When the slotless magnetic key is smoothly inserted into the lock core slot and rotated, the key will touch the metal piece, which will bounce the metal piece, and then open the padlock according to the principle of magnetism.

3. Marble structure padlock

This type of alloy padlock padlock is through a cylindrical lock core, and there will be an obstacle like a bullet in the body, which will make the lock core inoperable. Then, the bullet structure and the lock cylinder are blocked by the principle of the metal sheet. Then use the key to open the bullet structure, so that the ability to unlock the lock can be achieved.