Application standards and maintenance methods of safety padlocks.

First. Application standard of safety padlock

A safety padlock must not only understand how it is purchased, but also how to apply it correctly, so that it is not only safe, but can also increase its useful life and reduce harm.

(1) First understand the scope of application of safety padlocks: safety padlocks should be used in areas where the power supply is switched, so as to prevent unknowing people from touching the switching power supply and causing injury. If the safety padlock is applied to the gas source switch, it can prevent the outside of gas. Leakage to prevent environmental and physical damage. Of course, it can also have a preventive warning function.

(2) The operation method of safety padlock is basically the same as that of general locks, and it is generally equipped with professional keys as a maintenance and management method. In addition, the safety padlocks are mostly red alert, and there are various styles of safety padlocks. The method of operation is to fix the safety padlock on the block that must be maintained by the lock according to the close contact of the upper and lower layers, and then click the button of the lock.

safety padlocks

second. How to maintain the safety padlock correctly

(1) The first thing is to understand the characteristics of this type of locks, to understand the safety padlocks, and remember not to be exposed to the sun and precipitation for a long time, especially some precipitation in a more acid-alkaline environment, it is likely to corrode the locks, if you compare Severely, it will cause the whole process of unlocking the lock.

(2) We also need to maintain the locks in normal applications, and we need to ensure that they are cleaned anytime and anywhere. Of course, there is no need to randomly infiltrate the dirt into the lock during cleaning or application. Of course, if you already have it, you can use leaded powder. Drops of grease, grease, etc. into the place to open the safety padlock.

(3) I don’t know if everyone understands the basic principles of thermal expansion and contraction. In fact, thermal expansion and contraction will also make it difficult to open the safety padlock. The correct solution is to do it early in the case of temperature changes. The safeguard measures of the safety padlock can make a plastic shell for the safety padlock to maintain it.

Security padlocks are the anti-theft locks that most people choose nowadays. It is mainly to protect everyone's assets from loss and damage. Generally speaking, safety padlocks are manufactured in order to maintain safety. Therefore, everyone must learn how to operate safety padlocks and correctly select and apply them to protect their health and safety.