About the introduction of door locks

The door lock is a device used to lock the door as the name suggests to prevent others from opening the door. There are many classifications of door locks, and the requirements for door locks are different in various occasions. Ordinary households generally use anti-theft door locks, which are high in security and relatively cheap.

Due to different lock-making technologies and applications, door locks are now in the following categories:

Spherical door lock: refers to the handle of the door lock is spherical, the manufacturing process is relatively simple, and the cost is low. Generally used for indoor door locks.

Three-bar handle lock: refers to the handle of the door lock as a door handle. The manufacturing process is relatively simple and the cost is low.

Mortise handle lock: This lock is divided into split locks and one-piece locks. The products are made of more materials, including zinc alloy, stainless steel, and copper. The products are safer and are often used for entrance doors and room doors. Office building applications are more common.