About security padlock purchase skills.

First, the method of purchasing the lock cylinder:

1. Pay attention to the structure of the safety padlock core, the leaf side pillar structure is usually better than the traditional pinball structure. When choosing a lock, it is best to unlock it first, or find a professional master to listen to some suggestions, and then choose.

2. When selecting the lock, weigh it, one is the specific net weight, and the other is the quality of the lock core. The higher the net weight, the higher the quality of the lock cylinder; the larger the bead string in the lock cylinder, the higher the anti-theft effect.

3. When choosing the lock cylinder, look at its color and quality. Most cost-effective lock cores are solved by electroplating process, with smooth surface and bright color. Among them, the dark yellow color is the cable copper wire, which is relatively strong and its anti-theft performance is also very good. The color of the lock cylinder is dim, and the color is gray and white with bubbles, which is zinc alloy material, and its anti-theft performance is average.

security padlock

Second, the purchase of security padlocks:

1. Look at the surface treatment. Under normal circumstances, a safety padlock must go through a process of electroplating, painting or coloring before it is produced. This process is aimed at the important parts of the padlock itself. Due to the solution of this series of processes, a layer of original film will be produced on the surface of the padlock, which has the effect of corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Most people judge the quality of a padlock based on this.

2. Weigh the net weight ratio and feel of the padlock. Generally, inferior padlocks are manufactured with hollow and inferior raw materials, which are not only very light to handle, but also have a very poor touch when applied.

3. Look at the testing standards. my country has very strict specifications for hardware padlocks. Small manufacturers do not follow the specifications in order to reduce costs, while well-known brands will follow the specifications.

Third, maintain the safety padlock:

1. Grasp the characteristics of safety padlocks. To understand the precautions for padlocks, you can be exposed to the sun and precipitation for a long time if you are not hungry, especially in some acid-alkaline natural environment precipitation, which will easily corrode the padlock. In severe cases, it will be very difficult to open the door with the padlock.

2. In the process of normal use, we must ensure that the padlock can be cleaned off at any time, or use leaded powder, grease, etc. to drop into the place where the padlock is opened.

3. Grasp the basic principles of thermal expansion and contraction. In fact, thermal expansion and contraction will also cause certain damage to the padlock. However, if the security measures for the padlock are prepared in advance when the temperature changes, then a plastic shell can be made for the safety padlock to maintain it.