A brief introduction to the safety padlock.

In recent years, my country's industry has been developing rapidly, and safety locks have also entered the track of rapid development. With the derivation of different types of safety locks, people have more and more requirements for the functions and performance of safety locks, so the demand is also increasing. The following briefly introduces the safety padlock.

What is a safety padlock? Safety padlocks are a type of safety locks. Different from other types of safety locks, safety padlocks can be used alone or in combination with other safety locks.

safety padlock

Features of safety padlock:

1. The lock body is made of improved nylon PA66 and adopts a vase-like shell design. The red color of the lock body brings a sense of beauty to people, and also serves as a warning.

2. The insulating lock beam is made of modified nylon PA6, which not only ensures the strength but is not easy to deform and break.

3. The shell is resistant to high temperature and low temperature, from -20℃ to +120℃.

4. The metal lock beam is chrome-plated, and it has passed the temperature resistance test from -20℃ to +80℃, and has a certain impact resistance.

5. The key retention feature of the security padlock. Ensure that the padlock will not be left on site when it is opened.

6. Support OEM customization, laser or customized label design.

Types of safety padlocks:

There are many types of safety padlocks. There are different classifications according to factors such as material, function, shape, etc. They are generally divided into stainless steel safety padlocks, dust-proof safety padlocks, waterproof safety padlocks, insulated aluminum, steel lock beam engineering safety padlocks, aluminum Safety padlock etc.